These 5 things happen when introverts fall in love

Love, they say, is a beautiful thing. When love happens, it’s as though a switch has been turned on—something about our smile changes, feelings grow and chemistry builds up too. All and more happen when introverts fall in love.

Sometimes, when I look at the definition of the word introvert in a dictionary and see the phrase “one who focuses on their own mind and feelings”, It seems to portray introverts as people who find it hard to love. But this is very wrong!

No doubt, introverts may love differently as a result of an intermittent need to be alone and recharge. But this does not make the relationship a less interesting relationship to behold.

What happens when introverts fall in love:

Introverts think things deeply. And yes, relationships are not excluded from the thinking. Also, the tendency to give a large part of our attention to a partner is shown in the love and affection we shower in relationships.

Resistance to love at first

It is common knowledge that introverts are very careful in making friends and having relationships so as to be in the best. So when an introvert falls in love, especially with an extrovert, we first resist the urge to fall deeply so as to evaluate the chances of getting heartbroken and whatnot.

As much as possible, introverts do not let societal pressures influence their relationship decisions, so evaluating a prospective partner is always all part of the process. But, regardless of the stringency, if the newly found lover passes this evaluation process, then the relationship goes straight to paradise!

Punctuality to the love

When introverts fall in love what follows is usually fascinating. The once seemingly overly cautious introvert begins to drop the guards gradually. More calls are initiated and texts get replied faster than when the journey began.

An introvert in love would not want their partner second-guessing their love, so it just comes naturally for the introvert to become punctual with keeping in touch and showing affection, just for the lover.

when introverts fall in love

Possession of the love

Introverts like to keep a small but strong circle around themselves. Once an introvert accepts a person as a significant order, we become a bit possessive. Well, not in the bad-rude obsessive kind of style. Being introverted, this happens a lot too, and this possessive attitude is sometimes seen as cute by lovers.

Exactly as the dictionary defines the word possessive, demanding someone’s total attention and love. The introvert in love begins to want more and more of their partner’s attention and love. And this somewhat ascertains the seriousness of the relationship.

Sacrifice for the love

When an introvert picks a call of a lover, frequently, that’s a huge sacrifice, because we would rather not take any call at all. When introverts fall in love, guards get dropped and sacrifice is made as a way to please our partner.

The extra effort to pick calls is just an early-stage sacrifice. As a relationship progresses, we find ourselves willing to give more time and space for our lover. Time and space? Part of the valued treasures of an introvert.

Time away from the love

Introverts love to take things slow and steady, and we really appreciate the gesture when we are trusted as we do this. We love our partners, even more, when we are understood. When we need our alone time and don’t so much as pick calls, it’s not a sign of ‘no love’.

Also, not following our partner to that party they badly want us to attend doesn’t indicate that the affection is diminishing. We just need quietness at this time.

When an introvert is in need of quietness, taking us on a date rather than to a party is highly recommended. Because we can get a better chance to enjoy the quietness that we crave, and even bond better.

Wrap up

How do introverts show affection? Differently. When dating an introvert, it’s best to take cognizance of what is unique to the relationship. How introverts fall in love, what happens when they fall in love, and how to make an introvert miss you.

If you are an introverted guy in love but do not know how to get started with how you feel, you can read up some introvert dating tips on how to woo a girl. If you are an introvert lady, female introvert relationships definitely require love nuggets to thrive too. You might want to check out these African quotes on love.

As an introvert in love, whether with a fellow introvert or an extrovert, be ready to try out really creative and mind-blowing relationship ideas to nourish your relationship. There is always a lot to learn.

Do you know more things that you have observed happens when introverts fall in love? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment session below.

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