๐Ÿ–ค Hello! Any of these ever happened to you?

  • You start reading a page and halfway through it, you get lost in your imagination. Painting scenarios in your head.
  • More than once, you have been asked to come out of your shell and interact with people. Yet, you could be the most playful person ever when you are with your loved ones.
  • You get nudged to smile, that you look too serious or sad. Meanwhile, that could just be your neutral face.
  • When possible, you love to have your personal space more than anything else.
  • Canceling plans is something you do with ease.
  • You have sometimes waited for your phone to stop ringing so you can text the caller instead.
  • You easily spot typo errors and bad grammar. And abbreviations like “Hw r u? Am fyn, u? 5n 2″, piss you off big time.

Honestly, the above? Yes, Me too!ย 

Hey! Iโ€™m Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi. Iโ€™m an introvert and convener of the Introverts in Nigeria community.

Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi
The awakening

I had no idea being an introvert is awesome! For a long time, I was convinced there was something wrong with me and I needed fixing. Imagine the relief I got when I literally realized I am not the only introvert on this planet? Iโ€™ve since then known many a-ma-zing introverts.

Wait! How could I even think it is only me experiencing introversion? Really, thatโ€™s how sunk we could be in our experiences that we forget the possibilities waiting for us to tap into.

Some of such possibilities for me have been:

  • Knowing how to calm my thoughts.
  • How to play extroverted roles successfully regardless of my being an introvert, e.g. Public speaking, dancing (I still suck at this one though), and offline community management, etc.
  • Well, also how to date an extrovert in peace. (If my next ship happens to be with an extrovert again, it would be a relationship this time, and not an internship, ๐Ÿคฃ).

And more.

The journey

I found emotional support in just knowing that there are a lot of introverts like me out there. This kind of made it easier for me to accept myself for who I am. I no longer feel guilty for wanting my privacy or liking solitude.

Before now, I had people call me secretive, miss quiet, madam rules and regulations, and too sensitive, etc. Oh, well… For all I know, I only just wanted my space. If I am to be free and playful with someone, I need time to get to know that person. Too much to ask?

Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi

The more I knew myself, the curious I got about knowing why I act the way I do. I read every word of the book, Why you act the way you do,ย by Tim Lahaye. I also read books like, Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking,ย by Susan Cain; and The subtle art of not giving a f**k, by Mark Manson, etc.

As I got self-aware, I began to freely post about relatable experiences of introverts, on Facebook. The Me too comments on the posts got me thinking, Yeah? How about we have a place where we can always discuss these topics? Hence, the online community, Introverts in Nigeria.

Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi

The spur

Some weeks back, I was offered the chance to write a blog for an e-commerce website for a startup. The idea was great, but for some reason, I decided to not take that opportunity and instead chose to start my own blog: introvertng.com ๐Ÿ–ค

About Introverts in Nigeria

IIN is a community for introverts in Nigeria. Our mission is simple: to let introverts know they are not broken and so don’t need fixing. We can only improve ourselves!

The goal of this blog

Together, we can inspire connectedness, educate and involve introverts in Nigeria to blossom in this world that never stops talking. We hope that this community makes introverts feel more comfortable in their own skin and become their very best selves!


Peculiar ๐Ÿ–ค