Introverted programmer: Are you or not?

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Programming could be a great career choice for Introverts. But if programmers are mostly introverted or extroverted is not even a debate that is up for conquer. Whichever rocks! The focus here is on the likelihood that programmers exhibit some introverted tendencies.

In movies, programmers are often portrayed as conspicuously nerdy, socially awkward, and attuned to saving the day without bugs. A deep dive into the technicalities of some of these movies might proof hilarious, considering the hacking depictions that are all not real.

Programmers, just like introverts, are not given to verbose conversations. They always think of the 0 cases, the 1 cases, and the infinite cases. Well processed and concise conversations work best for both, no small talks. Nerdy? Let’s see.

Introverted programmer: Are you or not?

What are the similar lifestyles of introverts and programmers?

 Hours spent alone: Introverts and programmers spend most of their time alone. While introverts naturally withdraw to themselves and spend the time thinking, reading, writing or doing some creative stuff; it is in the nature of the job of a programmer to spend hours coding.

Teamwork: Although most of the extended periods of time working on large chunks of projects are done alone, programmers still have to be active parts of teams—daily stand-up meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc. It is no different for introverts that work in teams, you just have to be up-to-par with what the job demands, and deliver!

Noisy in the head: Introverts have minds that constantly hum with ideas, scenarios, and imaginations. Same with programmers, they constantly solve problems in their heads and think creative approaches to the problem on ground, before the typing begins.

Hoodies and headphones: Introverts and programmers alike love to put on hoodies for the comfort it gives, and often have their headphones on to get lost in their world. No distractions!

Introvertsprogrammer hoodie

Same stereotype: When one is quiet and often on a computer, a book worm or loves to spend hours on a task alone; people just assume the person is weird and may not have a social life. Introverts and programmers have had to deal with the stereotype that they are socially awkward.

What social skills do introverts and programmers need?

social skills social skills

Some introverts and programmers may already have a sneaking suspicion that they are not well-grounded in the social skills needed for everyday social situations. Whether true or not, here are some social skills you can brush up on:

Conversation skills: When out at social functions or meeting new people, you may not have all the right words to say. Well, you won’t always have the right words, so just relax and follow the conversation. When you have something to say, say it with charm. You could also prep yourself with some conversation starters ahead of the social gathering.

People skills: The ability to relate with people might simply mean being able to agree and disagree with mutual respect, letting the other person know you acknowledge their right to their point of view. Also, knowing when and how to show empathy.


A quick way to know if you are actually an introverted programmer or not is to take a personality test. The accuracy of the test can only be decided by you. 206,740,907 tests have been taken so far on the website.

Do you think I’ve missed out something? Please share in the comment session.

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  • Interesting read!
    I agree Introverts are always short of words when in a SOCIAL gathering. One thing also, from my own experience, I see introverts as people who are relationship deranged – Somehow not good with taking on a relationship. I suck at it and I feel it is the same for some people.

  • Thank you Daniel for sharing.

    Very true about the extra effort that introverts have to put in, to hold great conversations.

    Here is an article I wrote on why introverts hate small talks. It also includes some cool conversation starters you might want to try out:

    Now, that you have mentioned this relationship concern that some other introverts might be struggling with too, I will put up a comprehensive article to address the concern.

    The new article will fall under the relationship category. Please check again, article will be up by tomorrow.


  • For real man, I can’t deal with having to write down all I have to say to people in a social gathering…

    Why can’t I reach out to you from the inside of my home?..If I remember to bother myself with that…don’t even get me started on the relationship, lol.

    I see you Peculiar.

    • Oh! Kyrian!

      You are right, you know? Having to mentally prepare for a conversation is work. But yeah? What happens to when the meeting or hangout is a necessity.

      Say, a first hangout with a crush?

      Or maybe a business connect.

      Oh, well… It might be best to make do with the prior mental preparations than feel awkward when an impromptu situation creeps in.


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