How to love an extrovert: 3 tips you should know

Every kind of relationship requires communication, understanding, and compromise to keep it cool and amazing. If you are dating an extrovert or wondering how to love an extrovert, you are about to learn some tips to keep an introvert-extrovert relationship glowing.

Introverts and extroverts are a lot different but make great partners when their similarities are harnessed and differences understood. It is more or less a case of opposites attracts—So what one partner lacks, the other naturally complements.

In relationships, similarities provide a common ground for bonding while differences provide things you can learn from each other and understand each other to help the relationship grow. Like to know more about extroverts?

Here are 5 Things extroverts wish introverts would know about them:

Extrovert-extrovert relationships and introvert-introvert relationships are swift as both partners are alike. But in an introvert-extrovert relationship, there is a lot of re-learning to be done for both partners. Understanding an extrovert is a great start to knowing how to love an extrovert.

how to love an extrovert

1. Extroverts are not annoying, they just want to help

An extrovert may think that being social is easy and usual just because it comes naturally for them. So, they find themselves often trying to get the introverts around them to be social. Sadly, this persuasion piss us off.

It is not that extroverts don’t like introverts to be themselves, but they just get concerned that we don’t vibe in the way that they do. If extroverts understand that though we are quiet, we are in our best of moods; they would not necessarily get worked up about our disposition. Especially as the end-goal is to have us happy!

2. If introverts can go straight to the point, extroverts will greatly appreciate the gesture.

Extroverts say things as it comes to their minds and expects that others can be as clear and direct with them too. But Introverts, on the other hand, love visual cues and process things internally before talking.

Introverts take their time to paint the picture of how they mean, but an extrovert may not be able to follow the nooks and crannies of the conversation to finally arrive where the nail is hit on the head. They just want you to say what you really want to say already. Extroverts don’t read minds.

3. Extroverts love to talk

Silence is home for an introvert but that same silence can feel awkward for an extrovert—They don’t feel comfortable in long silence at all. It feels to them as though silence is that virtual space that needs to be filled with verbal words, so they talk a lot to fill up the space.

Sometimes, extroverts can’t seem to help it when silence gets at them. So they over-share!

4. Have a hangout with an extrovert? They could invite an extra person

If an extrovert brings a plus one to a hangout, don’t take it personally at all. It is not like your extroverted significant order is trying to evade personal moments with you. Extroverts just like to be around people, and more people feel like more fun for them.

Extroverts have their me times too

Introverts love to have their alone time, agreed. Extroverts also get to that point where they just want to be alone for a while too. Despite an extrovert’s love to always be around people, they would like to have some space to collect their thoughts and relax.

The tips above are just some of the many important things that have to be understood when introverts and extroverts fall in love. Basically, how to love an extrovert is via creating a balance in the relationship—nurturing that compromised ground for the relationship to thrive.

3 things to note on how to love an extrovert and make the relationship flourish

Discuss every bit

Communication bonds people. You can leverage this to talk about your feelings and the things about the relationship that make you uneasy. Be honest about your feelings about issues too.

Remember extroverts don’t read minds? So, talk about it all. Talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Maybe like how your mind rambles with thoughts of what your partner’s friends think about you after a hangout with them.

Be a team player

Your extroverted partner may be better at certain things like planning dates and hangouts. It doesn’t mean you should leave it to them alone. You could try to be part of the planning also and sometimes initiate the planning as well. Make them feel supported!

how to love an extrovert

Appreciate how you each think differently

Introverts and extroverts so different in how they process thoughts and feelings. Extroverts can make decisions quickly but introverts take their time. This may come off as though you the introvert are slowing down the relationship, but if you both can try to balance things up a little, it will help a great deal.

To cap it all

If you are an introverted lady dating an extroverted man or an introverted man in a relationship with an extroverted lady, regardless of the gender of the introvert, the same need to create a balance in the relationship applies.

Introvert-extrovert relationships are as awesome as every other relationship provided both parties love each other. The effort required to help the relationship thrive, gently lie on the shoulders of both the introvert and the extrovert.

Is there a tip you think I should have mentioned? Please be kind to share in the comment session.

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