7 funny introvert facts you are likely guilty of


It’s interesting how introverts find a way out of uneasy situations. Some of these ways are funny while some are just outright James bond. For this article, we will focus on the funny introvert facts.


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Introverts love the opportunity that comes with rain. The sweet moment for solitude, there’s less pressure to mingle and minimal expectation. The sound and smell of the rain is just  beautiful!


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This here, has to be the most common of the funny introvert facts. If an introvert misses 10 calls, chances are we saw most of the calls come in. Not all the time, but happens a lot.


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Personal space is the holy grail of every introvert. We always look forward to having that alone time where we can finally be all by ourselves for a while.


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When an excited introvert accepts an invitation to hangout, it could be momentary.  We might later regret saying yes, and have to psyche ourselves up to be at the hangout. That’s if we don’t cancel.


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This fact should not be one of the funny introvert facts, as it is is usually not funny at all when this happens. Introverts just find it really hard to stop replaying embarrassing moments. 10 years later? And the embarrassment is still fresh in the mind as though it happened seconds back.


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Opening up to someone is nothing an introvert will do in a rush. We like to unveil ourselves in layers. Step by step, as we get comfortable with the person. Look at it from a gaming perspective, you get to the next level with an introvert, after wining a badge.


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It’s very easy for an introvert to flow when chatting or writing, than it is when speaking. This is because writing gives us time to process our thoughts before giving a reply.

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Which of these 7 funny introvert facts are you most guilty of? Share with us in the comment box.

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