5 romantic places to propose in Lagos

The House Lagos Restaurant
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Ever wondered why ladies get surprised when proposed to? Well, who wouldn’t when the proposal is magnificent and unforgettable. More so, there are some really cool places to propose and get that YES in grand style.

In relationships, there are ladies who sense the proposal coming but still get mesmerized when it happens. All the heart, time and effort put into making the proposal special is what makes all the difference. Remember that your engagement story is one you will always share with loved ones. You  might as well make it magical.

Things to consider when choosing a place to propose

Oh, dear! At this moment, you are sure she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and all that matters now is making the proposal perfect. You would want to make choices that reflect what’s special to her and the love you both share. Here are some questions to get you started:

Serene environment
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What kind of person is she?

It makes sense to know the kind of things your partner appreciates. Is she a happy-go-lucky person? If yes, chances are that she would love a place filled with lots of excitement and energy. While a reserved person, say an introvert, would prefer a place with minimal stimulation. But certainly, either personality would love a serene environment.

A private or public proposal?

Try to figure out what works best for your lady. Would she like an open-air proposal where there are bound to be many on-lookers? Or she would prefer a little in-house gathering, with just a few friends and family around. The answer to this question would give you an idea of the kind of places to propose to her.

What does this place mean to her?

A place that springs up happy memories can be a romantic place to propose—Where you first met is an “Awww! Idea” already. Her dream wedding venue? Oh, mine! This could give her a picture of you both on your wedding day. How easy will it not be for you to get that, yes?

If you would like to take your proposal to a whole new level, then check out one of these romantic places to propose.

Here are 5 romantic places to propose in Lagos

1. Civic center floating restaurant: This beautiful restaurant with a fascinating design structure is located at Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island. The restaurant has 3 banqueting rooms, a floating restaurant, a waterfront, and a panoramic view hall. It’s a serene environment to spend a special day with your partner. The hospitality and service here are beyond impressive.

Civic center Lagos
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2. Ilashe beach: You can actually have private moments here. This beach is surrounded by palm trees, has a pool and an outdoor cabana facing it. Distance is not a problem at all, there are speedboats with lifejackets that take people from various locations to and fro the beach. For fun activities, there is also a volleyball court close to the pool.  This beach is located at Amuwon Odofin, Lagos.

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3. The place restaurant, Lekki: Ah! This restaurant is perfect for introverts who may love to have a private and romantic kind of proposal. The environment has minimal stimulation, offers sumptuous meals and rendition of soulful music. To understand why this place is special for an introvert, especially if you are one too, read these 7 funny introvert facts you are likely guilty of.

The Place Lekki
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4. La Campagne Tropicana: If you and your partner appreciate the beauty of nature with a sweet blend of man-made beauty, then this resort located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, is the perfect place you are looking to propose at. You can propose in the thrill of some fun activities like canoeing, hiking or hunting.

La Campagne Tropicana
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5. Rhapsody’s: There are really cool places on the Mainland too. Here, you can impress your partner with exotic wine selections, seafood delicacies, and the alluring ambiance of the restaurant. This environment is stylish yet relaxed. Very, if I must add.

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Wrap up

Love is beautiful, it has ever been, and will always be; there’s no boundary to what’s possible. Got some amazing proposal ideas you would like to explore beyond the borders of Lagos? There are cheap flights you can always enjoy.

Are there romantic places to propose in Lagos you feel should be on this list? Feel free to share them in the comment session. We would love to hear them.


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